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Monday, 2 October 2017

Summer Arms and Knees

Happy New Year! I thought as we are well into the swing of summer, I would talk about a subject that as a personal stylist we hear our client’s struggle with during the hotter seasons. It’s, the dreaded arms and knees. Let’s be honest, they are NOT the most flattering of body parts on anyone. Whether they are baggy or bony, most people are pretty keen to cover them up. Here are a few tips in of various ways to help distract and disguise from A & K’s.

As mentioned in my last blog post about Summer Essentials, short-sleeves are the usual option and keeping them cut on the angle is flattering. I see women rejoice when they can buy themselves a lightweight top with a longer-style short sleeve. However, these can be few and far between. I really like the floaty sleeves on the Flutter Boarder Dress at Max and the sparkle overlay dress also had very nice arm coverage.

Sleeveless dresses and tops are fine if you feel confident. So don’t even worry if you don’t have the most toned upper arms. If you feel confident, just do it. If you don’t then you need to invest in some cardigans, blazers and fitted unders for layering.

I always stress to people please do not, NOT buy that great top or dress because it’s sleeveless. There are always options for covering arms but still showing off the top/dress. I particularly like bolero/shrug style cardigans, like the short ones that cut through the bust and are shorter at the back. These are great if you have lovely detail on your outfit and as it cuts away, allowing the details to show. Max has some of these shrug options (I adore the green Pique Shrug), as well as a tie front cardigan in great colours and some pretty textured shorter crop cardigans.

Blazers are a great addition to a summer wardrobe. Structured, smart, easy to wear and fabulous with short or sleeveless dresses or tops, they can be casual or dressy. If you need a dressier option, look for one in an interesting fabric like satin or velvet. Pagani currently have some excellent lightweight summer blazer options, they have classic cut, round cut-away styles and shorter crop options. If you want a good traditional casual option, then check out the crop denim jackets at Just Jeans.

For knees, please see above on confidence level and again, go for it. If that doesn’t feel right for you, then pick something just below the knee. Wild South have a great range of skirts that sit just below the knee. Pick a colourful print and add 2-3 plain T-shirts to it and BINGO you have multiple outfits with one skirt!

As you can see, a lot of what styling is, is problem solving. There are always ways in which you can wear the latest fashions, but tailored to your body and age bracket. Don’t be put off at the first hurdle. If you find a piece you love but it’s not perfect, think ‘what would Trudi say to make this work” solve the problem and go for it.