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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017

Summer Essentials

If I had to do a list of 5 essential fashion summer items they would be a pair of shorts, T-shirts that are flattering, great summer footwear, a hat that suits your face shape and a fun pair of sunglasses.


I’m thrilled that this year there are numerous options on lengths with shorts. This means everyone of all ages and shapes get to own a pair of shorts. Max and Just Jeans have great casual options. I particular like a nice slightly wider leg denim pair that you can team with all your coloured T-shirts. Try not to go lower than just below the knee. This means you are wearing shorts, rather than ¾ trousers. Shorts elongate your legs and are practical for day to day wear.


Simple T-shirts in a great colour, the right neckline and length are essential. If you choose short sleeves, then make sure the sleeves are cut on an angle. Short sleeves that are cut straight across tend to make any arm look thicker and it also draws a straight line like an arrow towards the bust. Remember singlets and cardigans are also a great layering option too.


A comfortable and stylish pair of summer sandals that go with your shorts, skirts, dresses and lightweight trousers are a godsend. If you feel you need to elongate your legs, then choose a pair that have an open front (not a tie or strap at the ankle). Choose either a great, fun colour – don’t worry about matching, it’s far enough away from everything else - or if you want a versatile option think about a metallic. Silver or bronze/gold goes with everything. Ziera has some very pretty silver sandals at the moment and some colourful comfortable options too. Hannahs also has a good range that over all types of styles and colours.


If you hadn’t thought the fedora hat was for you, then think again. This hat suits so many face shapes. They fit well on top, have a medium to small sized peak all the way around and are in abundance in all the shops. Coloured or a nice neutral tan colour with a band around them, they are an excellent modern addition to our summer season wardrobe. If they don’t float your boat, try Max, who have wider brim and panama style options.


Lastly we have sunglasses. As with hats, these can be a fun way of adding some additional modernisation to any wardrobe. Pagani has some pretty options that have floral or animal print frames. They also have a range of round, square or aviator styles, meaning you can chose the shape that best suits your face shape. A rule of thumb is to contrast your face shape. So if you have a round face, pick a squarer pair and vice versa.


Good luck with your shopping and I hope you enjoy picking up a few fun pieces this season to see you through the coming summer months.