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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017

Lady in Red

The red carpet was awash recently at the Grammy’s with, well red! It’s a huge colour this season. However, wearing red can actually be a complex issue for many women. I can’t tell you the number of clients and people I talk to who say they don’t wear it. Below are a few common reasons that I come across, which I’m going to go through with you to see if I can convert you into being a red wearer!

I don’t want to stand out

Many women, in many age groups, say they feel that they will ‘stand out’ too much if they wear red. I do agree to some extent that it certainly is a colour that demands attention. However it can be worn with neutrals to par it back a little. Say a black, grey, navy or white blazer of the top of a red top will take your look from FULL red to just a little bit. I also remind these people that other people love red and quite often if they wear it they will receive lots of compliments. Surely that’s worth standing out a bit to boost your confidence a little?

I have a red face anyway so I don’t want to make it redder

While this complaint can refer to people with a pink undertone to their skin, in particular those that suffer with Rosacea feel particularly nervous about wearing red. This is can totally understand. It’s so very important to wear the right red for these people as yes, the wrong red will make faces even redder! However the RIGHT red will even out skin tone (as does any colours that suit your skin tone) and you can happily wear red no matter how red/flush you are!

I just don’t like the association with the colour

Whether it’s because you think of a ‘Scarlett woman’ or a gang, the colour red can be associated with many things. If wearing the full colour doesn’t sit right for you, how about incorporating in small ways instead? A patterned skirt with a red floral print on a plain coloured background? A red accessory?

I don’t know which colour red suits me?

Well this one is tricky. You do have to know whether you are warm toned or cool toned in order to know which reds are going to be right for you. Warm reds are orangey or known as ‘tomato red’. Cool-toned reds are true, blue based reds. If you go into a store and put two reds together, quite often this shows you which is which. If you haven’t had your colours done then head towards which red you instinctually like. I would also say more people suit the blue-based red than the tomato red too.

My favourite red pieces that are dotted around Johnsonville Shopping Centre at the moment include the cool ‘blue’ red Britt Bardot Top from Max. They also have a tie waist dress and a pretty crop cardigan, so heap of options at Max to incorporate red into your wardrobe.  Jacqui E has also embraced red in many different ways. It has some warm tomato reds and cool blue based options in both tops and dresses, so lucky you having all this selection! Bang on trend is also the batwing crop top in a true tomato red from Pagani. If you just want to dip your toe into red how about the pretty rose floral scarf from Jeans West?

I hope the above has dispelled a few myths and also encouraged you to wear this beautiful, vibrant colour. Be confident, find your red, incorporate it or go full power with a red dress! Whichever way you choose to do it, step out the door and own it.