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Monday, 2 October 2017

Styling Tips for September with Trudy

It is officially SPRING! This is great and exciting news. However, before we totally pack away the winter merino (which we all know in Wellington will be a few weeks away at best), let’s instead focus on 5 key style tips you can utilise any season.

 Tip 1: Invest in a great hair cut

This is the one thing you DO wear every single day. If you are like me and like a no-fuss approach, then find a really good hairdresser who can cut your hair so you can wash and wear it, or style it very quickly and it still looks good. Check out the hair salon options that cater to all budgets at Johnsonville shopping centre.

Tip 2: Know what you own and don't double up

 Everybody needs to clear out their wardrobe to actually know what they have, what they wear and what they don't need to buy any more of. Spend the time and do a cull. This is especially good in say a month or two when you will need to pack away the winter coats and jumpers and bring out your summer clothing. I’ll do another blog on handy hints on how to do this either October or November. This now leads on to the next tip.

Tip 3: Colour code your wardrobe

Don't hang your clothing in skirts/tops/jackets. Hang it colour coded and this helps to show you what you have too much of (probably black) what you don't own any of (probably yellow). It also helps the creative juices flow so you can match some great outfits together. So for instance, if you have a skirt with a print and this has a few greens in it, hang it in the green section. Say, next to that green cardigan. OH LOOK, these two go nicely together and may never have been combined had you not hung them together. See what I mean? This season’s colours include bold blues, faded denim, mint green, dusky pink, yellow, red and white. Always hang items on their own hanger and it will make Tip 4 a whole lot easier when it comes to combining different pieces together.

Tip 4 : Wear what you have in a more interesting way

Often people wear the same combo over and over again. This skirt with this top. That jacket with those pants. This will make your wardrobe feel dull and repetitive. Your challenge is to wear pieces in a different way as often as possible. It could be as easy as adding a different accessory, or a coloured cardigan over the top of a neutral outfit. Take inspiration from this season’s new florals to pick colours from the print and add a jacket or cardigan or accessories in those colours. Then next time you wear it, change it up.

Tip 5: Mix existing neutrals with a key trend

 If you look in your wardrobe and despair, then rest assured you can update your look by buying just one key piece of clothing. Whether it’s a blazer or bomber jacket. A colourful scarf or a pair of sunglasses in the latest colour or shape. Small pieces and items can go a long way in making your wardrobe feel modern and fun. Key trends to look out for this spring include florals, denim that is rough and has a frayed edge, the new spring colours (try say a pair of pretty dusky pink sunglasses from Max), stripes (All DIRECTIONS!) or why not take this opportunity to relive the 80s with some frills, puffed sleeves & daytime sparkle!

 Enjoy these top tips, combined with the excitement that spring is here which means summer is just around the corner. Stay tuned for more helpful styling advice and where to find it at Johnsonville Shopping centre. I’m also due for another Facebook Live event shortly so make sure you like and keep a watch on the Facebook page so you know when to tune in.