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Monday, 2 October 2017

Autumn 2017 Fashion Trends

Autumn is here and so styles for the chillier climes will start to filter into the Johnsonville Shopping centre fashion stores. As Wellingtonians have had a rough deal on summer this year, I’m sure it can’t come soon enough! I’m going to run through a few trends that are popular this season.  Bear in mind that even if you don’t consider yourself a fashion trendsetter, you can add these to your current staples to create a whole new updated look to your wardrobe.

Neutral Colours

This is quite a subdued season so this means lots of opportunity to build a good base of neutral colours. This helps make your wardrobe mix and max well. Navy & grey are both strong neutrals this season and really suit a lot of people.

I adore the drape front wool blend jacket from MAX. Really love it. Firstly it has the nice detail of the drape at the front, which even if you are quite busty, it looks like it sits nice and flat. It’s a great length, so shorter people can rejoice! It is such a pretty grey and it will go with everything. If you want a longer version or if you are taller, think about the Two Tone duster coat in a darker grey, also from MAX. If you need some snuggly new grey woollens, look no further than Wild South, where you will find an excellent selection.

Jacqui have come to the French navy party in a big way. Lovely dresses tops and trousers in this colour. So very versatile and easy to add the more ‘popping’ colours too. Instead of those black pants this season, how about either navy or grey? They will go with everything that you currently have and are just as versatile as black. Don’t worry about shoes either, Hannahs has plenty of grey and navy shoe options this AW.

Stronger Colours

For all the people who hate green (and trust me, in my business I see quite a lot of them) they are going to have to maybe rethink their dislike. Bottle and darker green is huge! I love this colour teamed with navy, darker grey, black and dark purple! More on this colour in a later blog.

Another versatile and favourite colour of mine is burgundy/maroon. Boy is this a great base colour to add either neutrals to or slightly clashing colours. I add teal and chartreuse green to my burgundy. Check out the burgundy across the body bag from Pagani. An easy way of injecting this colour into your wardrobe without actually having to fully wear it.  Or if you fancy a pretty top, again from Pagani, how about the chiffon fine pleat top in maroon? Another delightful new season top is the Gigi Ruffle Cold shoulder top in maroon florals from Just Jeans. Great with….well jeans!


Lace is great for Autumn. Not only is it feminine and textural, it gives you excellent arm coverage without bulk and covers a multitude of sins! Hooray! Max has a beautiful long sleeve layering lace Tee in the above mentioned on-trend burgundy. Pagani also has a pretty bell sleeve lace dress in blue for those wanting a neutral dress that they can easily add coloured accessories to.

Sleeve details

Speaking of bell sleeves, that leads us on to another trend - Sleeve detail. Who doesn’t want to cover their arms, but this season, you can do it in style and with flair. One of the nicest tops I’ve seen around is the Brea Broderie Woven Tee from Just Jeans in True Navy. Lovely sleeve length (true ¾) to just below the elbow. Super pretty.

Max has a double layer flutter top which as it says has beautiful sheer fluttery sleeves! The added bonus of this is that it’s black and has a pretty wild flower design so excellent with existing black trousers. This is one of many tops MAX has this season that have great, detailed soft, double layered tops.


Oh my goodness! I’m going to dedicate a whole blog to velvet this winter. It’s going to a huge trend. What I can see is that it’s only just filtering in now. Check out the stretch velvet tights from Pagani. What a great way to wear a floaty top or one of your existing tunics, but in an updated way with this style of textured tights!

Questions for Trudi?

While we may mourn the loss of sun, it is time to get excited and organised for autumn and winter. Because we can layer and use texture and patterns in a creative way, let’s look forward to winter and to many days of stylish dressing. If you have any autumn/winter questions you would like answered in this blog, do feel free to email me at and I would be happy to consider blogging about them.