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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017

Pretty in Pink

 Whether you are a girlie girl or not, you are not going to be able to get away from pink this autumn. It’s already flooding the stores and I’ve seen pink clothing, makeup and accessories everywhere. This means you don’t necessarily have to wear a pink dress if that’s not your thing. What’s also interesting is the fashion world’s interpretation of pink is not about simpering femininity. Especially with these strong, bolder pinks that are being worn in edgy, often masculine ways. They say more “I am woman, hear me roar” than, “Barbie needs to go to the store.”

So as mentioned, this season’s pink-fest has plenty of variety in shades and brightness. Shocking pink and candy pink are those bold pop pinks that look amazing with black, grey, navy, white and red if you want to be really bold. Check out Jacqui E’s gorgeous Liz textured peplum top. Super flattering and in a beautiful, bold fuchsia pink. Their range does include both bold and softer pinks.  The Just Jeans Shelly off the shoulder top is that gorgeous bold candy pink that when you love pink, it’s usually this pink. Amazing combined with all their denim options.  Or how about their foil swallow & stars print scarf, so lovely with a crisp white top and lighter denim jeans.

The dusky pinks are softer and look great with all neutrals like cream, tan and soft greys. MAX has a great selection of different pieces in these tones. There is a longer style coat, a crop jacket (a crop jacket is a must have for everyone!) tops, pretty scarves and even a pair of pink sneakers!  Wild South have a clearer soft pink Merino T-shirt that looks lovely and will go perfectly with lighter grey options. Or if you like a bit of arm coverage and a v neckline, check out the darker rose colour bamboo cotton ¾ sleeve T.


Pagani has a pretty satin oriental garden dress that has a flattering neckline and a matching tie waist belt. But my favourite piece from them is a chiffon off the shoulder top that has two types of pinks incorporated into a grey background! So ideal for matching with grey jeans, work trousers or a grey pencil skirt.

There is a pink for every skin tone and I suggest you trust your instinct on this. Have faith you will be drawn to the ‘right’ pink for you. You could maybe choose a great pink lipstick that will lift a neutral toned outfit, or carry a fuchsia handbag on your arm if wearing it in clothing just doesn’t appeal. So if like me you shudder slightly at the thought of pink and all its connotations, think again. I’m going to. I’m going to wear my pink loud and proud this season and enjoy a colour I normally steer clear of.