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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017

Pale Bottoms

 Light coloured trousers and shorts are everywhere this summer in the fashion world. Since the beginning of time when someone said ‘always wear darker colours on the bottom’ women all over the word have run a mile from light coloured bottom options. Let’s discuss the best way to wear lighter bottoms and some greats options here at Johnsonville Shopping centre. 

Many women own white trousers but never wear them. Here is the key to wearing them: Think of colour flow. If you wear pale on the bottom and dark on the top you have essentially cut yourself in half. If you are shorter, this isn’t doing you any favours. If your bottom half is wider than the top half, again the eye is drawn to this cut and you may feel like you appear even larger.

This easy fix that will surprise you and reassure you that yes, you can in fact wear lighter trousers, skirts and shorts on the bottom. If you wear lighter on the bottom you need to wear a lighter colour top. Simple as that. Light grey shorts, paler coloured or white top.  White skirt, lighter, brighter top. Many women try on pale trousers with a black top. This is the worst case scenario when we talk about ‘cutting your body in half’.

Max has some great options for lighter coloured bottoms. I spotted a pair of wide leg linen pants in a soft, pretty grey. Imagine a white, lemon, softer pink, blush or turquoise top with this. White jeans are HUGE this summer so they also have a nice fitted pair. Speaking of white jeans and shorts, Just Jeans has a great selection too.

If you love your brands, then Gloria’s have some excellent choices in white and paler grey too.  Looking for some relaxed options on lighter trousers? Head to Pagani. I adore their drawcord summer pants in white.  I also saw two really pretty lace midi skirts in white that I thought would be amazing dressed up for a summer event.  My pick would be teaming these with a sparkly silver top --Great colour flow!

Jacqui E are a favourite of mine for dressing women of all age groups. They normally have fitted and relaxed styles and varying lengths to suit your age and body shape. So take your pick from their range of white, light blue, taupe and grey pieces.

If I haven’t managed to convince you with wearing lighter bottoms using colour flow, how about a smaller step. Maybe a skirt, like the tish floral satin skirt from Jacqui E, that has a white background with a pretty floral pattern. Pick a top in one of the colours from the skirt and off you go! Lastly, before I go and you ask ‘but what coloured shoes?,’ don’t do black with a pale bottom, you need another pale colour, so white or a metallic like silver or gold is always an excellent choice! Go forth and be confident in your summery paler outfit!