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Monday, 2 October 2017

The Long and the Short of Shorts

I always say everyone needs a great pair of shorts for summer. But if you’re imagining Daisy Dukes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We can leave those to 18-year-old Daisy. Let’s be sensible here and discuss how the length and cut is dependent on your body shape and age.

If you feel your hips and thighs are the areas with which you are keen not to draw attention to, then a wider leg pair are going to do the trick. This way, they skim the area and flare out wider, essentially making the pins inside appear slimmer. Jacqui E has a few of these options, including some linen relaxed shorts that do exactly this! They have them in varying lengths too, which as I will continue to explain, is very helpful.

Lots of people are put off by shorts because they are unsure about what length best suits them. Obviously, each body shape suits different styles but there are some hard and fast rules that everyone can apply to their own situation. If you are on the shorter side, then a slightly shorter short, will be best. By short, I mean either mid-thigh (age dependant) or just above the knee. The essence being that we need to try and elongate as much as possible to create more leg length.



A shorter short that I like in particular, and is also really nice as a dressier option for shorts, is the Border Print Short from MAX. The Girlfriend Colour Short, again from MAX, is another excellent option. I really like that they have white and grey options, which lends to massive amounts of versatility.  Another good neutral being navy with a pretty floral print you can team with a plain top. Please add colour with your tops instead of black! Jacqui E has some really lovely options too; Great shapes including straighter, mid-length shorts in a range of colours.

If you are a mid-height upwards (165cm), then you have the flexibility of mid-thigh to just below the knee. MAX has multiple longer shorts in store at the moment that will hit you on or just above the knee. Check out Jacqui E, too, as they have some excellent options in the longer style range. While you are at it, poke your nose into Wild South -- plenty of neutral colour, chino-style ‘Bermuda’ shorts there.

I also really like denim shorts, which are a great option for summer and this year, there are so many options. Check out Just Jeans. They have all the different washes (light to dark denim), they have fitted styles, shorter styles and my favourite, to which I shall be wearing this summer, the Soft Jogger Short. This is a denim look that is light and incredibly comfortable with a classic drawstring waist. There really is a colour & style to suit every shape here this season.

I hope I’ve convinced you that shorts are a great, practical option for all. If you get the right style and length suited to your age and your body shape, they are a staple part of a summer wardrobe. Grab a neutral colour which will go with all tops, therefore making them even more versatile.  Enjoy a happy 2017!