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Monday, 2 October 2017

Say hi to Horizontal Stripes

Let’s just get this one straight out in the open now. NO, horizontal stripes do NOT make you look wider. I can confirm that in my 11+ years as a stylist seeing every single body shape you can imagine, never once has horizontal stripes made my client look bigger. If you don’t believe me, you might be more inclined to read research that has come from the Department of Psychology, University of York called “Applying the Helmholtz illusion to fashion: horizontal stripes won't make you look fatter”.

In fact, the article then goes on to say that “stripes that run across the body are more slimming than supposedly-flattering vertical stripes”; this is according to perception expert Peter Thompson from the University.

In my opinion stripes are always on trend. They are flattering, interesting, distracting over lumps and bumps and slimming. They take a classic outfit and give it interest. They modernise any outfit. If you are not a fan of print in general, your safest bet is stripes.

I particularly like medium sized stripes too, rather than very thin ones. As with any pattern advice, it’s always better to stick to a pattern that fits your body shape and size, so medium sizes are always best if you aren’t sure.  If you want to combine styling advice from my last blog about necklines AND add stripes, check out the Stripe funnel neck top at MAX. Or if you are looking for something classic and chic, the two stripe Brenton Tee also at Max has a modern twist with the usual Breton stripes on the front and larger stripes on the sleeve. Very cool.

Jacqui E have some lovely striped tops on offer and one in particular, the Cara shoulder top has cut out shoulders. Maybe not for right now in the depth of a windy Wellington winter, but come spring time this could be a handy addition to the wardrobe.  Likewise the Ponte Cold Shoulder dress at Pagani in grey, black and white is super stylish.

Just Jeans have their own range of easy to wear striped Ts and tops and I really like their hooded stripe cardi as another option for throwing on over a plain coloured T and jeans.  Gloria’s, who stock VERGE also has some striped gems. I see cardigans and tops that lovers of this brand will enjoy wearing.

If you feel you really can’t do the horizontal stripe, it just has been too many years of avoiding it, then lucky for you Max has a mono strip v-neck top or the Stripe Hi Lo Shirt tunic with vertical stripes.  Both are in black and white so very easy staples to add to black trousers. Pagani also have some very flattering vertical striped dresses this season. See the CDC jersey Mono shirt dress – with its black panels down the side, which is very slimming. Likewise the Stripe Cross front dress is going to suit all body shapes.

Still not convinced? How about some striped shoes then? As you can see, I’m determined to get you on board the Stripe Train! Hush Puppies at Hannah’s have a Hanah slip on option and there are some fabulous KEDS called champion stripe WITH GLITTER!

So women of New Zealand, be confident in scoffing when others start to tell you not to wear your stripes vertically. Embrace stripes, whether it be casual tops, dresses or cardigans. They are fabulous and I’m sure once you have given them a second chance, you will be completely converted!