ART EXHIBITION @ Johnsonville Shopping Centre

 28 - 31 JULY 2016

 Grasses to Horses: Paintings by Philippa Wilson

 OPENING: Thursday 28 July, 7pm – 9pm

 OPEN:        Friday 29 July 5pm – 9pm

                       Saturday 30 July, 9am – 5:30pm

                       Sunday 31 July, 10am – 4:30pm

The latest exhibition at Sub Urban Art Space is ‘Grasses to Horses: Paintings by Philippa Wilson’. Co-ordinated by volunteer curator Sophie Giddens, with assistance from local art tutor Rosemary Stokell, the exhibition features recent works by Johnsonville artist Philippa Wilson.

Philippa Wilson has been drawing and painting all of her life.  Her paintings are experiments with colour, movement and texture.  In this exhibition she delights in trying out different coloured grasses and movement combined with changes in the skies.  She shows an appreciation of colours in nature and captures movement both with her depictions of grasses and horses.   Alongside the moody scenery, she revisits her favourite subject from her childhood and has created a series of energetic studies of horses.

 “Wilson’s paintings are full of movement and energy, they evoke different moods and feature considered colour choices.” says Ms Giddens. "At first glance some of her works appear quite simple, but when you look closely you can appreciate the detail and feeling within them."

 All of Philippa’s works are for sale. For more information about Philippa Wilson’s art work, email her at

This is Where I Want to be by Philippa Wilson, from the exhibition, Grasses to Horses at Sub Urban Art Space, Johnsonville Shopping Centre 28 July – 31 July. (Image supplied by: Philippa Wilson).