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Monday, 2 October 2017

Putting Spring in your wardrobe

Spring is in the air and Christmas will be upon us faster than you can say ‘ho ho ho’. A change of season is the perfect time to blow away the cobwebs from your wardrobe and think about making a fresh start. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything out and buying a load of new clothes. This can simply mean evaluating what you have, recognising the gaps and making a plan about what needs to be slotted in to create a fun, easy and stress-free wardrobe.

When you take good look at your wardrobe, you need to be prepared to get rid of what I call ‘the fillers’. These are items of clothing that hang around, never being worn, sometimes being tried on again, but always discarded and hung back up again. These pieces of clothing are what make you declare “I have lots of clothes and NOTHING to wear”.

If you don’t fit a piece of clothing, or hate the way it looks on you, even if you don’t know why, it needs to go. It could be that it’s the wrong shape for your body or the colour washes you out. It may be both. Either way, that mental block will remain and the piece of clothing will stay in the wardrobe filling it out and making the picture more confusing.

Once the fillers are gone your wardrobe will become a lot clearer. Now you need to think about the coming season. What clothes do you need to be able to cover the different areas of your lifestyle? Everyone seems to have very casual clothes, many people have work clothes. However, it is surprising how many people – men and women – lack casual dressy clothes. Casual dressy clothes should be worn in the weekend, to the movies, visiting friends or going to a BBQ. They are the clothes that are comfortable, practical but still make you feel smart and happy about how you look.

My advice for getting organised is to write a list of clothes you need. This makes it clearer and encourages shopping to be a more practical exercise rather than a series of random or impulse buys. Once you know what you need, check out what colours you have too much of and what colours you don’t have any of. This season in Max, Jacqui E, Just Jeans, and Pagani, there are lots of blues from navy to turquoise including softer blues. Splashes of orange and coral, and what the fashionistas are calling ‘candy colours’. There is plenty black and white, and some red and pinks.

Clearing out your wardrobe and giving it a ‘spring clean’ is cathartic and enjoyable. It gives you clarity about going forward into the new season and buying pieces of clothing that you will need, love and enjoy wearing. Good luck!

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