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Monday, 2 October 2017


Turtleneck, skivvy or roll-neck? Whatever you call them, they are all a similar style - a piece of clothing with a rolled neckline that can either be high and covering the neck or with more volume and worn slightly lower. They are a huge trend this season, with stores awash with dresses, tops and knitwear featuring all of these necklines.

Now before you get super excited about having a nice warm neck, let’s talk about how you can best wear this style to suit your neck length and body shape. First up, one styling rule of thumb with the higher style of skivvy is, does it completely cover your whole neck or can you still see skin? If you can still see skin, then you are fine.

Dressing for your shape means you don’t want to completely eliminate a body part and throw your body proportions. In this case, if you don’t have a particularly long neck it can end up looking like it’s completely gone! So if you have a shorter neck, look for a roll-neck that has length, is open and has a drape to it. This will allow you to elongate your neck when wearing this lovely winter style.

The second thing to note regarding this style and your body shape, is if you have chosen a longer drape with some bulk to it, how does it sit on your bust? If you have a decent bust size, then we need to think about trying not to add volume where you don’t feel you need to. So how much fabric and how flat it lays is very important to the gorgeously curvaceous lady.

So who is stocking these wonderful pieces? Well MAX has a lovely roll-neck oversized sweater-dress, which once you team with stockings and boots, will not only be incredibly comfortable, but will be super stylish too. Likewise, their roll-neck colour block dress is not only functional, it’s very flattering with a panel down the front drawing the eye in and creating a slimming effect. They also have a great chunky roll-neck sweater in elderberry, black and rose pink colours. 

If you need those longer style cowl necks, then head to Jacqui E, for some really great colours and flattering styles. Wild South has a number of lovely lambswool roll-necks that are sure to keep you super toasty warm this winter. Just Jeans have a combination of cowl-necks that sit lovely and flat and some chunkier roll-neck pull overs in soft neutral, easy to wear tones. Pagani gets an extra vote because their cowl-neck Lurex jumper has a stripe in it – another on-trend staple.

So I hope the above helps you identify the right style of turtleneck, skivvy or roll-neck for your shape. Team the tops with jeans and boots and the dresses with thick winter tights and ankle boots.

This season go forth, with a warm neck and a spring in your step knowing you are super stylish!

Wild South