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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017


Autumn and winter are perfect times to try out wearing different textured clothing to create a stylish and interesting outfit. As the weather cools down, we are able to layer our clothing once more and nothing says stylish like combining colours, fabrics and textures.

So how do you go about this? A great wardrobe has good base colours, including neutrals, which help you mix and match, as well as plenty of bolder colours. It has patterns – this autumn look out for stripes and polka dots - and lastly, it has texture! I’m talking about lace, leather/pleather, denim, chunky knits, wool and sheer fabrics.

Let’s start with a simple example. A great pair of denim jeans, cotton or a sheer fabric top, then how about instead of a cardigan in another cotton base, we add a textured knit jacket or longer style cardigan? Now we have 3 interesting fabrics combined. If you add some leather ankle boots to this we have 4. So I’d better tell you where you can find these items right?

Just Jeans, MAX and Pagani have you covered in the jean department. Styles are getting a little looser than previous seasons for a more relaxed look. Classic straights are always going to see you right if you only need one pair of denims. If you are feeling bold, instead of denim, pick a pair of MAX’s coated panelled jeans, super comfortable and another cool texture.

Gloria’s has a range of simple cotton & lovely sheer tops to team with your jeans. With so many brands in one store, it’s easy to find one that will suit you. Jacqui E are also an easy choice for a great selection in styles and colours.

Now let’s look at the last layer. Pagani has a pretty & versatile chiffon drape front jacket which is ideal for anyone on the shorter side. The colour is on-trend too in a lovely maroon and black mix.  MAX has yet more fab options with longer line knits, cardigans and jackets. I spotted them in leather, suede, denim and wool. And you can't go past Wild South for warm winter knits. A ton of textured options at your finger-tips.

Hannahs, Banks, Max and Just Jeans have plenty of autumn shoe and boot options. In leather and suede, with a range of great colours, they are so versatile for wearing with pants, skirts or dresses.

Using textures becomes important when layering knits. People can sometimes feel bulky and bigger if they layer chunky cardigans and coats over chunky sweaters. That is why the sheer look is a great option for teaming with your thicker pieces. Teaming lightweight layers with heavier pieces also helps when you are trying to find the perfect layers for the climate, seeing as autumn can be warm one minute, and cooler the next.

Another hot item this season is lace, and Max, Gloria’s and Pagani have a range of dresses and tops in gorgeous colours.  Or if you’re not that daring, why not go for a bit of lace trim.

A very simple outfit can become much more interesting and fashionable if its construction is rich with texture. So next time you get dressed, I want you to ask yourself how many interesting textures you are wearing and if you could possibly swap out that wool over wool or cotton on cotton with something that has a touchable texture?



Hooded Mid Length Coat/Lace Long Sleeve Tee/ A-Line Buckle Detail Skirt