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Monday, 2 October 2017



Seven Summer Style Staples


I talk to a lot of women who would love to have a capsule wardrobe. Less is more. Pieces that all work together rather than hanging alone. So for this blog, let’s talk about what I consider to be some staples that you need in your wardrobe this summer. 


  1. A great summer jacket. I love lightweight blazers with the sleeves rolled up. These suit dresses, jeans, patterned trousers and dressy shorts. Or the no-brainer is a denim number. Max has some excellent lightweight linen blazers and a very cute trendy washed denim jacket. If you are shorter in statue, then the ¾ crop blazers at Jacqui E are perfect for you.


  2. Metallic summer sandals. Whether they are on-trend strappy gladiators or if you need a more open shoe to elongate your legs, then a simple ballet pump or wedge. Hannahs, and Banks have fabulous metallic options.


  3. A dress. If you want a casual one how about denim? If you want a work one, how about a printed, pretty A-line. If you want a beach one, then check out a maxi. No excuses, dresses are great this season. Lucky for you Jacqui E has pretty much all of these options covered. For something with a little bling, maybe you have a wedding or festival to attend, then also head to Pagani. They have an excellent summer dress range.  


  4. Great shorts. I thrash my denim shorts because I feel like they go with every top I have. Other options include linen, cotton or floaty fabric versions. Depending on your age and body shape, pick the pair that will suit you best. Max has an excellent assortment of shorts this season, the best thing is there are different shapes and lengths, so you are guaranteed to find something for every shape and age. Just Jeans have the perfect denim options too.


  5. Summer tops. An ideal mixture would be a couple of singlets (for wearing or layering) normal T-shirts with a slanted sleeve (much more flattering on the upper arm) some simple yet easy to throw on tops in less clingy fabrics and at least one evening top for going out. Just Jeans have some of the prettiest summer tops I’ve seen this season. Plenty of blue and white, which goes so well with denim and some lovely prints. They have singlets, shirts, tops and pretty blouses.


  6. A great hat. Everyone needs them. Just Jeans has a great neutral ‘will go with anything’ Fedora and a pretty 70s vibe ribbon sunhat. Jacqui E also have an extensive hat range, featuring all the latest shape & style trends like fedora’s and floppy wide brimmed styles. My pick if you don’t want one a fedora or floppy brim style is to check out the draw bucket hat at Max or the white rancher hat. Both excellent options too.


  7. Summer trousers. Preferably 2 pairs. One that could be cuffed and lightweight, the other a jean or capri style. One patterned and one plain would cover all the bases. Pop into Gloria’s and check out the range from their lovely brands like Verge. A more comfortable pair, you will be hard pressed to find. Max have some wide leg linen trousers that would suit most body shapes and provide a stylish, cool summer option.



With just these items, there are numerous outfits. The jacket goes over the dress, with the trousers and over the tops. The shoes, because they are metallic go with everything.  Likewise, the summer hat. The tops go with the shorts and the trousers. You don’t have to have a vast wardrobe to make your clothes really work for you. It does help to know your colours so they all go with one another but if you don’t then buy neutrals that will go with existing colours and clothes in your wardrobe. Happy summer!