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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017


Christmas is in the air. I can smell it. I can see the ads on TV, and I can see the sparkles. I’m sure many of you will agree that New Zealander women, in general, are not ‘sparkle during the day’ type of dressers. We generally like a more conservative and subtle look for our day wear and summer festivities. But lucky for us, the bling attached to clothing this year is just that. Subtle, pretty but leaving people in no doubt that it is indeed the festive season.

Let me begin with Max’s huge range of sparkletastic options. This store really has something for everyone. There is a silver details tank, easy to wear and can be dressed up or down. Those of you that like a bit of slinky black, how about the cold shoulder bead top? And for those that actually do like to sparkle like the lights on the Xmas tree (this would be me) then I adore the Chevron Beaded top. Full on glamour.

Pagani always stock a little bit of bling, which is super helpful to know all year round. I like their pretty coral jersey jewel side tank, as I haven’t seen embellishment around the sleeve like this. It’s a lovely subtle look. I also really like their Grecian cowl party top in blue.

If you look at tops that are very sparkly and think, goodness me, that's very dressy, remember this. You can always dress an item down by teaming it with other pieces that are very casual. For instance, white trousers or jeans, a sparkly top and denim jacket with flat shoes. An easy, casual, dressy, but festive option. For great jackets in both traditional denim and white, head over to Just Jeans.

Now as I said, not everyone is into jewels built into their clothing, so if that is you, how about looking at accessorising your outfits. There are plenty of metallic options this season. Jacqui E has a very cute slim silver belt you could pop on a dress and team with some silver sandals from either Hannahs, Banks Shoes or Ziera. There are a few gold options about and a smattering of bronze. Metallics are always a good option for accessories in shoes, bags or jewellery as they go with any colour. Silvers look better on sharp clear colours and bronze and gold on the more muted and mixed colour bases.

Go forth New Zealand and be brave this season. Add a little or a lot of sparkle to your wardrobe.  Dress it up for your work functions, or dress it down for day wear. A little, a lot or just added accessories, this year it’s time to embrace the baubles and the bling!

Pagani Jersey Jewel Side Tank - Coral and Grecian Cowl party Top - Navy Blue  

AR Splice, Pulp Solstice and Hush Puppies Porter -  from Hannahs