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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017

Fun with Winter Accessories

How do you make the gloomy last months of winter take on a brighter note in an inexpensive and practical way? By using winter accessories – that’s how! Using colourful hats and handbags, fun scarves, and chunky jewellery, are a great way to enjoy the colder temperatures and add a pop of cheer to any outfit.

If you have a standard dark winter coat, think how a fashionable scarf in a colour that brings out your eyes and complements your skin will give you an instant lift. Nowadays you don’t need to only go bulky as many scarves are meant to stay on as an all-day accessory. However, by all means go colourful and funky. There are lots of options in every type of print so something to suit everyone’s tastes. From brushstroke patterned scarves to colour block, floral or digital print. For extra fun think stripes, animal print or polka dots.

There are also a multitude of ways to tie these lovely scarves. Have a look at the instructions below for one of my favourites. It creates an interesting twist knot that stays nice and flat. So those of you who feel a scarf is a bit bulky round your neck, try this knot and keep it nice and open.

Hats are great but many people are scared of them. If you have a smaller, round head, then look for something with a peak. A baker-boy style hat is great on this face shape. The peak balances out the 'roundness' of the head and these look very stylish while keeping your head lovely and warm. Those with more of a pronounced chin and a larger head can wear beanies or berets.

If your outfit is simple and focused on staying warm this winter, then think about adding a fun necklace or some other piece of chunkier jewellery. A great set of bracelets are noticeable as you pick up that coffee cup. A chunky ring in a gorgeous vibrant coloured stone stands out and can be matched to a similar colour in your outfit.

Lastly, remember your handbag is also an accessory that doesn’t have to match anything else. Many a client of mine has enjoyed a bright coloured handbag and all the compliments it has generated.

Enjoy this last hoorah of winter. It’s a great time for layering up with lots of lovely items, which Johnsonville Shopping Centre has an abundance of. This season's goal is to try and add a little colour with your winter accessories and enjoy the effect it has on your mood as well as everyone else's!