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Monday, 2 October 2017

Styleville - Wonderful Winter Boots

Boots glorious boots! One of my favourite winter things is wearing a variety of different boots. Whether it’s ankle boots or knee highs, there really is a style to suit everyone. Factors to take into account when selecting your boots include your height, colour choice and let’s not forget functionality. No point running/hobbling around in very high boots if you do a lot of walking and they’re uncomfortable. Comfort first people! Very important.

I mentioned your height, so let’s discuss your options based on how tall you are. The good news is anyone, of any height, can wear flat or ankle boots. It’s just about HOW you wear them. For instance, if you feel vertically challenged and would love a pair of ankle boots to wear with skirts or dresses’ - but fear this look isn't right on you - make sure your tights/stockings or leggings are of a similar colour and tone to the boots. This way you get a nice, elongating flow down your legs, inclusive of your boots. The easiest and most popular way of doing this is black tights and black ankle boots. And, ankle boots can also be worn with work trousers and jeans.

I personally have a few pairs of knee-high boots. I love them for their versatility. Everyone can wear them under jeans and work trousers, with a skirt or a winter merino dress. They go with all styling combinations. If you feel a heel looks a little smarter and suits you better but still want that comfort, consider a wedge. It’s a great way of ticking all the boxes. You get added height, but the comfort of a boot that feels like it’s flat. Another great option is a sturdy ‘court’ heel. This is a classic cut, which stands the test of fashion, and if you are only going to have one knee height pair, this could be the one.

Another exciting footwear development in recent years has been the availability of coloured shoes and boots. We are no longer confined to black or brown. There’s often a variety of red pairs, and in the last two seasons I’ve seen some beautiful blue, grey & green options. There are even some with a nice base colour and a splash of something brighter. What fun!

So enjoy the great range of winter boots out this season, and see what different options can do for an outfit.  And remember the saying goes “There are two things you can never have too many of; good friends and good shoes (and boots!).”


 Ziera - Talya Silver Fox


 Ziera - Stanford Rouge