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Monday, 2 October 2017

Welcome back to Styleville!

 Welcome back to Styleville, your Fashion Blog for handy styling hints to help you get the best out of your wardrobe.

The days are getting cold and dark, winter is here! For those of you who stare into your wardrobe and think it looks a bit grim, consider adding a splash of colour. There’s a number of reasons why this is a great idea.

Firstly, wearing colour makes you feel more cheerful – and you get lots of compliments! It also makes those around you feel happy. Colour helps you get more creative with how you dress, and adding colour brings new life to the neutrals you already have in your wardrobe.

When the weather closes in, getting cold and dark, it’s lovely to see a pop of colour. Be it a top, skirt, dress or jacket, you can make it work with your neutral basics. Neutrals are great for 'toning it down' if you feel completely out of your comfort zone with brighter colours. And remember, neutrals are not just black and grey, think about navy, khaki, and the various shades of brown.

If buying colour in a large piece of clothing seems a little scary, think about adding some colourful accessories.  A scarf, pair of boots, necklace or coloured handbag can be a fun way of adding spark to any outfit.

So, how can you buy something in a new colour when you’re not sure what suits you? This question is one of the main reasons people shy away from colour. My advice is to think of a time you had consistent compliments on a colour you wore - whether it was recently, or a few years ago - and head in that direction again. It’s a great starting point.

It’s wonderful to see so many colours around this season and there’s plenty to choose from at Johnsonville Shopping Centre. Shopping in comfort with so many fashion stores in one place, is wonderful in the Wellington winter.  There’s amazing colours available in the stores at the moment (and don’t get me started on the gorgeous footwear).  



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