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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017


Thursday the 24th September was a great night at Johnsonville Shopping Centre!

Our Spring Fashion Event had an excellent turnout and I loved meeting all the wonderful ladies who attended. I was able to show full looks from all the stores in the centre, so people could get a real sense of how to put outfits together, which is often what we struggle with.

We had shoes, bags and accessories to show how to accessorise. And I also answered the important question of, what shoes do I wear with skirts and dresses?

We discussed colours, understanding what colours suit you, how to put colours together and how to use neutrals – which for cool tones are navy, black, white and grey and for warm tones brown, khaki, cream and plum.

I reminded people that we are all different shapes, ages and colouring, so you need to apply your own styling rules to suit you.  What looks good on a mannequin or even your friend isn’t guaranteed to look the same on you.  But we ALL can look great, no matter what age, shape or colouring we are.  It’s about understanding what suits you and focusing on doing the best with what you have.

Let’s be honest though, we often need help, which is why this blog and the recent show were organised. Our focus is to help you learn the many tips and tricks that you can apply to looking good. You know the saying “look good, feel good’ well it's completely true.  

We all have ‘bits’ we don’t like but often forget we have ‘bits’ that are amazing. So to feel confident about yourself remember people only look at you for 3 seconds before forming an impression. Within those 3 seconds, they are not looking at your tummy or your thighs, their eyes skim up, then down and they’re done. So let’s not obsess too much on things we don’t love. Wear clothing that skims over areas you are conscious of, and highlights all your best features!

A couple of the questions asked included, ‘Can I wear short jackets and cardigans even though I have a short waist?” The answer is yes, as long as you wear a longer layer underneath. Crop jackets are very flattering and the layered look is modern and practical for day to day outfits. We talked about the right lengths for those who are shorter, and we discussed how to team a neutral with colour, rather than neutral on neutral on neutral – which makes you look very…..neutral.

The feedback from the event was fantastic. If you didn’t manage to get along, stay tuned for Autumn/Winter. These are practical, fun and interactive sessions aimed at helping you with your styling and shopping needs. I look forward to seeing you all on this blog and at the next event. Until then, stay colourful this summer, wear clothes that suit your shape and that fit your body well. Colour, Shape, Fit – learn the mantra and your wardrobe and confidence will thank you for it.