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Lady in Red
Monday, 2 October 2017


It’s that exciting time in the world of fashion. A new season! You are either saying HOORAH! Or, WHAT? Isn’t it still winter? With the daffodils out and spring fashion flooding the stores, the silver (or in my case gold) lining is that it gives us hope that the actual season is just around the corner.

Let me give you the run down on four fabulous trends you are going to be seeing in the stores at Johnsonville Shopping Centre.


1.  Era trend alert! It’s the 70s again people! So get yourself into a pair of wide legged cropped jeans, trousers or flares. Just Jeans has a great selection, whether you want to stick with your skinny’s to wear with a 70s style boho blouse or head towards the flares or rolled jeans trend. Just make sure your look is balanced. If you have more volume in one section – say the bottom – then you need to keep it more streamlined and fitted up top, and vice versa.


2.  Stripes, I’m not sure they ever go out of fashion! Just wear them creatively, vertical, horizontal or both. There are lots of monochrome versions around to suit the black and white wearers amongst you. In particular, check out Pagani’s CDC stripe scallop top, simple, classic, elegant, and Gloria’s have some lovely Verge options too. Pagani also have a great casual striped dress called the Ponte T-shirt Dress. Dressed up or down, this could be an excellent staple. If you need a work skirt, try the very cool stripe print skirt in Jacqui E. This high-waisted, pencil skirt has very on-trend multidirectional stripes and would look great with a colourful blouse or shirt.


3.  Denim. Once again you might think denim is ALWAYS in, but this spring, you are going to find it in dresses, tops, jackets and trousers. A plethora of denim! All colours, all shapes and all sizes. I like the chambray shirt dress from Max as a nice weekend casual option for spring, Wild South have a lovely version too. And make sure you pick up a denim shirt or classic denim jacket from Just Jeans. I couldn’t survive without my trusty denim jacket. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a spring dress when you need that extra bit of warmth and coverage. 


4.  Slouch trench coats. These are fabulous. They are a soft fabric version of a more structured trench coat. What makes them great is they are casual and very flattering, especially if you want to hide a little of those winter excesses! One of my favorite versions is from MAX and it’s called the Drape Long Line Jacket in a fantastic dark khaki


Also making me smile this season is all the great colours coming through for spring. We are still in the blue phase – which has been dominant for around 4 seasons now. This will suit a multitude of people, as it’s an easy colour to mix and match with. Be brave and add my favorite, yellow, to your wardrobe. Some will suit clearer lemons, others a nice muddy mustard. Other softer neutrals to look out for are blush and dove grey, or make an impact with a burst of red.  


Enjoy the spring trends. There are long and short skirts, A-line and pencil. Structured blazers and slouchy trenches. Wide leg or narrow jeans, thin, thick or medium stripes, horizontal and vertical. This is one season where there is definitely a style and shape for everyone



Pagani Ponte T shirt Dress                                        Max Drape Long Line Jacket