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Monday, 2 October 2017


How do you brighten the gloom of winter in an inexpensive and practical way? By using winter accessories! Colourful, fun accessories like scarves, hats and gloves are a great way to enjoy colder temperatures, with the added benefit of keeping you warm and generating a load of compliments.

If you have a black winter or neutral coat, think how a fashionable scarf, in a colour that brings out your eyes, will help if the coat isn’t the best colour next to your skin. As well as keeping your neck warm, it is an instant lift on a cold, wet, winter’s day.

Texture is key this season, and I’ve seen some lovely chunky knit loop scarves, which you literally throw over your head twice for a great scarf or ‘snood’ as they are sometimes called. Just Jeans have some fab textured options and I love the coral and blue waffle snoods currently in store. Coloured, patterned scarves are also fantastic, and if I’m looking for this combination then Jacqui E is my ‘go to’. They always have a superb range and this season there are lots of blues, which is no surprise as blue is a strong winter colour trend. My personal all-time favourites are the fake fur scarves and a plum coloured one in Pagani has stolen my heart. While you are checking that one out, make sure you also notice the luxury metallic scarf, which will probably be nearby.

Hats are great, but many people are scared of them because they are not sure what shape to buy. If you have a smaller round head and face shape, then look for something with a peak. A baker-boy style hat is great as the peak balances out the 'roundness' of the head. Likewise if you have a heart-shaped face, you will look great in berets and rounder styles like the panama hats in Just Jeans. These come in neutrals like camel, taupe and black which make them easy to team with everyday clothing.

Those with a more pronounced chin or a larger head can wear beanies and berets, which Just Jeans also has a bunch of. You can even get a cable version in a pretty coral or how about the sequined option! Hats are all about counter balancing for face and head shape. They also have the added bonus of looking very stylish, while keeping your head warm and protecting your hair from the Wellington wind!

While I like colourful woollen mittens and gloves, my favourites are definitely good old fashioned leather/pleather gloves. These keep hands beautifully warm and they’re practical, due to their fit and supple nature, allowing you to continue about your day. Holding umbrellas, shopping, or small people’s hands, you can even drive with these gloves on. Max have a fabulous pair - animal print on the top, with black leather underneath. Amazing!

So, enjoy the fabulous ranges at Johnsonville Shopping Centre this winter. It’s a great time for layering on lots of lovely items and an easy way of adding fun and of modernising your winter outfits.  My goal this season is to try and add a little colour to your winter wardrobe including accessories, so you can enjoy the effect it has on your mood as well as everyone else's.



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