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Monday, 2 October 2017

Trends for Autumn 2015 - The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain

Fashion and trends are a form of expressing ourselves through what we choose to wear. But as each season swings around, I usually find there is the good, the bad, and the uncertain - that trend that may or may not prove to be a winner.

Here are my good, bad and uncertain for Autumn 2015. Your opinion may differ completely from mine, if so, don't lose confidence in your instincts, follow them and they will no doubt see you right.

The Good:

Denim Jackets.

Many of us have these. But many of us haven’t worn them for ages. Dust off your denim jacket and add it to – well just about anything! The youngins are wearing denim on denim, I’ll leave that to them. I’m throwing my denim jacket on over textured or dressy pieces of clothing (a nice dress or sequinned or shiny top). This way it brings the level of dressiness down to a level that is comfortable and fashionable.

Cut-out shoulders

This is an interesting trend, which usually suits everyone. I like the idea of showing a bit of shoulder skin whilst the weather is warmer, then the contrast created if you pop a fine layer underneath as we move into cooler weather.


Autumn is here and with it a plethora of texture. Hooray I say! One of my favourite things about the cooler months is creating interesting outfits by combining textured clothing. What do I mean I hear you yell!? A great wardrobe has a mix of good colour, patterns and interesting textures. I’m talking about leather, denim, pleather (plastic leather), chunky knits, sparkly embellishments, lace, wool, sheer fabrics and fake fur. Add them all together and you get an interesting outfit of textural delights.

The Bad:

Robe Coats.

Yes it's getting cold, and yes we all need a great coat. But do we really need to wear one that is oversized and looks like a dressing gown? I think not. I prefer simplistic tailoring for my bulky woollen items. For a Robe style coat to work it must fit well and have some shape to begin with. But the trend seen on the fashion runways tends to be about oversized and bulky with the front tie. Let's hope this gets adjusted for mainstream wear, as is often the case.

Big bloom patterns

When I’m encouraging people to wear pattern, I often tell them to choose one that is proportionate to their own body size. So medium size body, medium size pattern. This way the pattern looks like it ‘fits’ your body shape. So if you are a small to medium-sized person, I believe wearing very large blooms will overpower your style.

The Uncertain:

Sneakers with everything

I really like the idea of this. It’s doing what I talked about above with my denim jacket over dressy pieces, but on your feet! The fashionistas are wearing coloured sneakers with just about any outfit and many (not all) of them look fantastic. Word of warning, your old white trainers are not in this league and unless the rest of the outfit looks well put together and edgy, beware of looking like you literally just put your sneakers on because you had nothing else.

There are usually at least a dozen trends each new season. Many of them will suit your colouring, shape, age and taste. If you are looking to get on board the trend wagon a little more do it by adding little extras, like a fake fur scarf or maybe a jacket with contrasting textures. Enjoy, be selective and remember to keep colourful over Autumn/Winter 15, not only will colour make you feel better, it will benefit everyone who sees you.


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